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Marshall Islands Current local time in Majuro

Temperature +31°C Overcast
7 day weather forecast
Wind speed 7.0 kmph Moderate
IANA time zone identifier Pacific/Majuro
Time zone Marshall Islands Time (MHT)
The current time zone offset from UTC +12 h.

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# Name Meaning
Country Marshall Islands Increase flag
Coordinates Latitude: 7.103, Longitude: 171.38 More
City status Capital
Population 25 400 people
Official language Marshall English
GDP of the country 0 bln $, 186 position in the world
National currency U.S. dollar
National domain .mh
Country phone code +692
Car traffic Right

Majuro on Marshall Islands map:

Majuro and other cities

City Time difference from Majuro
New York
-16 h.
Rio de Janeiro
-15 h.
-11 h.
-10 h.
-9 h.
-6.5 h.
-4 h.
-3 h.
-2 h.
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